I recently completed the Senior Real Estate Specialist class and received my designation. I will be posting several blogs that are related to some of the “Aha Moments” in the class. Today I will concentrate on just a couple:

1. 70% of all real estate transactions in the next twenty years will be with people 50 years of age and up.

2. Seniors 50 – 65 years of age are “upsizing” due to accomadating elderly parent and grand children. This group now raises over 10% of the children in the US.

3. Most don’t start “downsizing” until after 65.

4. In some cases, their last move to a condo or senior community won’t occur until 80-85 years of age.

5. More Seniors are deciding to stay in their homes longer and rehab to update for elderly needs.

Del Webb type communities continue to grow, but some of these communities are moving closer to Metro areas, after finding that seniors like city environments.

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